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10,000'-13,500' NOMINAL DEPTH RANGE, 4V2" D.P., TRIPLES 1200 HORSEPOWER The 1200 Series Drilling Rig brings to the drilling industry a proven concept of mobility and faster , simpler rig-up and rig-down. The 1200 horsepower Model 2550 drawworks and the 127' 715,000# APl-rated mast are sized for dependable drilling operations in this medium depth range. The basic rig components move in five loads. The loads include the 1200 horsepower trailer­ mounted 2550 drawworks with power and rotary drive; the telescoping mast carried on its own demountable bogie, complete with traveling block strung up and reserve line spool carried in the mast; a two-load substructure with BOP and closing unit storage facilities ; rig base skid , and mast erection hydraulic power unit, along with stairs, and pipe slide . These five components combine with independently powered mud pumps and steel mud tanks resulting in a flexible, fast-moving rig. Rig features include: POWER -Two engines CAT 3412 totaling up to 1300 horsepower at 2100 RPM. Provides ample power for hoisting and rotating operations with either or both engines driving. Engines are tandem-mounted and totally clear all around for easy access and maintenance. TORQUE CONVERTERS- Single-stage torque converters sized to match the engines selected. Proven lockup feature in each converter provides highly efficient power transmission without normal torque converter efficiency losses after loads have been accelerated . TRANSMISSIONS-Allison CLT 6061,mounted in combination with converters. Five forward speeds and one reverse speed allow full output horsepower to be utilized over an unusually wide range of speeds and loads. The driller can instantly select the proper ratio in any operation with the full torque shifting capability of the synchronized transmissions COMPOUND- Integral with final drum drive . Idler adjusted high-speed roller chain in oil bath case compound ing each engine drive to drawworks drum shaft . DRAWWORKS- Model 2550. 25'" diameter x 50" long drum barrel to match drawworks for triples mast operation. 50" diameter x 12" wide circulating water cooled brakes ; full wrap, single point adjusted, fully equalized brake bands. Outboard drum clutch providing 75,000# single line pull. Single Parmac VBO brake assist driven through overrunning coupling . CATWORKS-Hydraulic catworks including high capacity breakout cylinder, long stroke spinning and make-up cylinder and planetary gear, self-locking handling winch for smoother , safer catheading operations . DRAWWORKS DRIVE-Heavy -duty propeller shaft drive through two Model 600 right-angle gear boxes and compounding chains to drawworks drum shaft . Allows individual power transmission from either engine to drum shaft or rotary drive . ROTARY DRIVE-Propeller shaft via full air rotary clutch, heavy-duty reverse gear box and oil bath roller chain elevated rotary drive, unitized and swing-mounted for roading clearance. Simple propeller shaft connections at rig up. Nominal max. rotary table speed- 300 RPM. Nominal table working torque- 30,000 ft . lbs. MAST-127' 715,000# APl-rated vertical freestanding telescoping mast. Mast remains strung up when telescoped and moves as self­ contained trailer package on demountable three-axle bogie. Unique design provides load transfer down each mast leg with no eccentricity or offsets. Mast is extended and telescoped with trailer tractor. Raised in extended length with dual hydraulic rams for greater reliability and control. Mast designed with internal clearance to handle up to six sheave 42" traveling block running flat to board. Square tubular construction . Racking board with adjustable platform and side­ mounted fingers provided with safety locks. Fast line anti-whip guide installed in folding frame . (See p. 20 for details.) SUBSTRUCTURE-17' floor height (optional 22 ') cross-type substructure consisting of hydraulic telescoping single­ piece main substructure and setback floor with setback base. Includes rig base pinned to main structure and truss diagonals to provide wide base and trackage for spotting mast on substructure. Ample well head clearance in all directions for large BOP equipment. HYDRAULIC POWER -Dual power source 35 GPM 2500 psi max pressure system . Self contained skid package with diesel engine and electric motor each driving a pump, reservoir and controls. Allows either power system to provide power for raising substructure, manipu­ lating, positioning and raising mast, operating reserve line spool, powering hydraulic catworks and other hydraulic functions as required. Each power source serves as back-up. POWER RESERVE SPOOL- For reserve line storage and storage of displaced line when mast is telescoped. Carried in mast during moves . RIG TRAILER-Combination machinery bed and gooseneck trailer with 60,000# capacity triple axle bogie. Carries drawworks , power and rotary drive. Package includes the following used equipment: 1. 1200 HP trailer mounted 2550 drawworks with 2 each CAT 3412 engines and torque convertors/transmissions 2. 127’ 715,000# hook load mast with trailer dolly and 350T Block Hook Combo and 350T Swivel 3. 17’ Hydraulically scoped substructure w/mud boat and Hydraulic Raising Cylinders, w/ air hoists V-door and catwalk 4. Power Reserve Spool 5. Hydraulic Power Skid Detroit 6. Top Dog House with Substructure 7. Accumulator 6 Station skidded with Dog House Remote 8. Stand Pipe, manifold and Choke Manifold w/ Choke Kill Hose and “Poor Boy” type degasser 9. Solids Controls (2 shakers, desander, desilter and vacuum degasser) 10. Mud Pits with Trip tank, pumps and agitators 1000 BBL nominal 11. 2 each 1000 HP F-1000 Mud Pumps with 3508 CAT Power Unitized Complete 12. Open top water tank 13. Change House 14. Parts House 15. Generator House with Motor Control Center and 2 each CAT 400 KW Gen sets 16. 2 Air compressors, 1 cold start 17. Junk Box 18. Fuel Tank with Lubber Station 19. Suit cases 20. BJ Manual Tongs 21. American Made 27.5 Rotary Table with master bushings and slips 22. Kelly Spinner RIGS SOLD AS IS WHERE IS SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE COMPONENTS SUBJECT TO SUBSTITUTION .

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