2005 Foremost CTR Single Coil Tubing Hybrid Drilling Rig


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. Contact at +1-. 2005 Foremost CTR Single Coil Tubing Hybrid Drilling Rig RECENTLY SOLD • Fast Moving Highly Mobile Rig • Able to drill with pipe or coil tubing • Some of the quickest rig-up and rig-out times • Can be rigged up & drilling in under 2 hours! • Can drill 6,000 ft with coil tubing • Pipe to coil tubing in less than 10 minutes! • Only 13 Loads, makes for easy transport • Foremost 85' Mast, 140,000 LB Maximum Hook Load • Foremost Hydraulic Drawworks, 95,000 LB Capacity • Complete inventory available upon request MAST & SUBSTRUCTURE -Foremost Trailer Mounted Raised Substructure; Sliding Trolley BOP Handler w/ (2) Hydraulic Cylinders, Manual Cellar Controls, Standpipe Valve, Steam Manifold, Explosion Proof Lighting, Mounted on 2005 Peerless T/A 16 Wheel Trailer, Tires 11R22.5, Steel Buds, Spring Suspension, w/ Rear Outriggers, Front Leveling Jacks, Hydraulic & Electrical Lines -Foremost 85' Mast, 140,000 LB Maximum Hook Load w/ (4) Lines, 1" Drill Line, (2) 4 Stage Mast Raising Cylinders, Chains, Stand Pipe, Hydraulic Piping, Utility Winch, Access Ladder, Lighting, Fall Arrest Drawworks -Foremost Hydraulic Drawworks, 95,000 LB Capacity, 400' Drum Capacity ~ Detroit Series 60 Floor Engine ~ Hydraulic Power Unit w/ (5) Main Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Reservoir, Thermal Exchanger, Plumbing, Filters ~ 16" Rotary Table, w/ 1,600 LB Torque, 140,000 LB Maximum Load ~ Fluid Design Solutions Model FDS240T 70 Ton Hydraulic Top Drive w/ Integrated Swivel, Integral Traveling Block & Backup Leg ~ Steward Stevenson Model M100S Injector, 100,000 LB Lifting Capacity, 40,000 LB Snub Capacity ~ Hydraulic System & Components - Raising Cylinders, Winches , BOP Handler, Doghouse Raising System, Hoses, Filters, Valves TRAVELING & ROTARY EQUIPMENT ~ (1) Set Web Wilson Type AAX Manual 2 7/8"- 9 5/8" Rotary Tongs ~ (1) Drill Pipe Elevator ~ Set Handling Tools - Drill Pipe, Drill Collar Slips, Safety Clamp, Drill Pipe Elevators BLOWOUT PREVENTION EQUIPMENT ~ Townsend Type 85 SPH Annular Preventer, 9" x 3,500 psi ~ (2) Townsend Model T88 Ram Preventer, 9" x 3,000 psi ~ Control Tech Working Spool, 9" x 3,000 psi, w/ 2" Outlets ~ Control Tech Crossover Spool, 7" x 3,000 psi More information upon request . Contact at +1-.

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