Caterpillar GENERATORS G3616

Oil & Gas Equipment Sales

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years 2000, 5080 HP - 4,568 KVA - 3655 kW -  50Hz -
 14,6 MW.
 Range number 4CG00087 - 88 - 89 - 90
Serial numbers. ( primer ciclo, hours.)
4CG00087-- 37210 hours
4CG00088-- 35270 hours
4CG00089-- 35313 hours
4CG00090-- 35044 hours
1 - exhausts groups mufflers.
2 - reservoirs-deposits with engine oil pumps.
3 - compressor starter with air tanks.
4 - refligeración circuit pump motors.
5 - air intakes and filters.
6 - complete control panels.
7 - main unit input full and individual gas in each group.
All of the equipment are disarmed and ready for transport.
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